Past CAG Meeting Notes


July 20 – NCG response to question from the Trustees, US EPA review of navigation, authorized depths, and Superfund, presentation on future uses and community engagement, and feasibility study updates

May 18 – Steering Committee considerations regarding US ACE Commercial Navigation Study, Trustees update, US EPA & NYS DEC updates

April 20 – US ACE presentation on navigational depths and Newtown Creek, US EPA feasibility study update, LIRR update on 29th Street bulkhead, NYS DEC update on on-going investigations of seeps & sampling

March 16 – Review of CAG process, NYS DEC review of 29th Street bulkhead situation, US EPA feasibility study update

February 16 – Review of CAG process, CAG overview of bulkhead collapse at 29th Street, US EPA site update and likely feasibility study activities for 2022


November 17 – EPA update on the Feasibility Study process activities and Remedial Investigation process clarifications, EPA/CDM Smith summary of existing NAPL-related studies

October 20 – Trustees update, NYS DEC update on completion of field work in the Creek, US EPA updates on FS process, follow-up discussion on NAPL from response to OU1 RI comments, NYC DOT update on Grand Street Bridge Repair Project

September 15 – US EPA Review of OU1 Remedial Investigation Response to Comments and General Updates

July 21 – NYS DEC update on upland sites, US EPA update on the status of OU3 and general updates

June 22 National Grid presentation on saltwater pump house storm hardening project

June 16 – National Grid saltwater pump house storm hardening project primer, EPA general updates and updates on transition to the Feasibility Study, NCG update on the treatability study

May 19 – EPA OU2 Record of Decision Responsiveness Summary review and updates on transition from RI to FS

April 21 – US EPA Brief on the OU2 (Superfund review of the NYDEP Long-term Control Plan), Transitioning from a RI to a FS, OU1 Remedial Investigation Draft Final Comments (CAG only), Brief Items/Next Steps

March 17 – US EPA Updates on OU2 and OU3, National Grid Air Permit Application and Relevance to the Superfund Site, OU1 Remedial Investigation Draft Comments (CAG only), Brief Items/Next Steps

January 28 – CAG Review of 2020, Brief Agency Updates, OU1 Remedial Investigation Brief Primer, OU1 Presentation and Panel Discussion, Brief Items/Next Steps


October 21 – Long Term Control Plan (LTCP), Feasibility Study Briefing, Next Steps

September 16 – Brief Updates on OU1, OU2 and OU3 and Agenda Planning, CAG Reflections

July 15 – Brief Site Updates; Navigation, Dredging, & Superfund; DEC Annual Update on Upland Sites; NCG CSTAG Response; Other Items, Next Steps & Next CAG Meeting Reminder

June 10 – De Minimis Settlement Overview

February 19 – Brief Site Updates; 2020 CAG Work Planning; Presentation of Draft Community Information Slide Deck; CAG Comments on Long-Term Control Plan for combined sewer overflows in the Creek; New business, future agenda items, meeting reflections


February 20 – Long Term Control Plan update, summary of Baseline Ecological Risk Assessment

March 20 – Technical meeting: Modeling overview

May 15 – Use of multiple lines of evidence and modeling; NYSDEC uplands update

June 19 – Update on Potentially Responsible Parties; data regarding aeration in the Creek; Site work update and overview of OU3: Proposed Early Action

October 30 – Remedial investigation update; updated on proposed Early Action; Cases of Early Action uses at other sites

December 2 – Early Action Proposed by Newtown Creek Group; FFS process and evaluation; CAG review of focused feasibility study report on long-term control plan for combined sewer overflows in the Creek


February 20 – Identifying neutral facilitator for CAG meetings, sediment contamination data

March 20 – Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) Search and Identification and Updates from NYC DEP, Anchor QEA and Congresswoman Velázquez’s Office

June 19 – Superfund Enhancement Act, completed and upcoming site field activities, introduction of neutral facilitator

July 24 – Biota sampling conducted by EPA, Contaminated Sediments Technical Advisory Group recommendations


February 1 – amendments to CAG membership rules, updates from EPA, NYC DEP, and Newtown Creek Group

April 5 – Draft Remedial Investigation Report and early steps of Feasibility Study, Newtown Creek Community Vision, economic development analysis, EPA updates

July 25 – Update from NYC DEP on Newtown Creek CSO Long-Term Control Plan and Riverkeeper Community Visioning Project

October 11 – Riverkeeper’s Newtown Creek Community Visioning, Draft Remedial Investigation Report, data evaluation for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)


March 22 – Update by NYC DEP and presentation and discussion with US EPA on point sources of contamination

May 4 – Update from Anchor QEA and New York State Department of Health presentation on Health Outcomes Review for Newtown Creek

October 20 – Update from Regional Administrator Judith Enck and EPA site team on the Newtown Creek Superfund Site


December 16 – Presentation and discussion with US EPA on ecological and health risk assessments and an explanation on background sites


February 6  – Presentation and discussion with NYC Department of Environmental Protection about their role in the Newtown Creek Superfund site.

May 21 – Presentation and discussion with NYS Department of Health about the final Newtown Creek Public Health Assessment, the health outcomes review, and NYS DOH’s work to educate the public about fish consumption advisories in the creek.

October 1 – Presentation and discussion with US EPA: an overview of Phase I of the remedial investigation and a discussion of Phase II’s Objective, Schedule, Activities, Next Steps.


March 27 – Presentation and discussion with NYC DEP and US EPA on navigational dredging in Whale Creek, Superfund updates, and other topics.

May 8 – Presentation and discussion with US EPA about Human Health Risk Assessment.

July 24 – Presentation and discussion with US EPA about Ecological Risk Assessment.

October 23 – Meeting to discuss the CAG’s goals and priorities.

November 21 – Presentation and discussion with US EPA about the Phase I investigation.


January 19 – Formation meeting

February 13 – Formation continued, creation of list of information requests by CAG members

May 21 – An introductory presentation and discussion with US EPA on the Superfund work

July 17 – Presentation and discussion with NYS Department of Health, featuring the scope and timeline for a public health study for the Newtown Creek area

October 10 – Presentation and discussion with US EPA on the sampling and field work conducted during summer 2012