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EPA has made the Draft Executive Summary for the Newtown Creek 2019 Draft Remedial Investigation Report available:

The Executive Summary (ES) for the Newtown Creek 2019 Draft Remedial Investigation (RI) Report drafted by the Newtown Creek Group (NCG) is provided below. This draft of the report is currently under review by EPA, and EPA stakeholders, and has not been approved. EPA is not in agreement with all statements made in the Executive Summary. For example, the language in the ES makes statements regarding background values, NAPL distribution in the creek, and discharges to the creek that EPA expects to comment on. The final version of the RI report will reflect EPA comments, discussions with stakeholders and technical discussions with the PRPs.
Draft Remedial Investigation Executive Summary.




U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 2 – February
– Sediment Contamination Data Overview: Caroline Kwan, Mark Schmidt and Stephanie Vaughn

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 2 – March
– PRP Search and Identification: Michael Mintzer

Congresswoman Velázquez’s Office – March
Superfund Enhancement Act Overview and Q&A: Dan Wiley

Consensus Building Institute (CBI) – June
– Introduction of and Discussion with CBI: Patrick Field

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 2 – July
– Biota Sampling: Chuck Nace
– CSTAG Recommendations & Progress: Caroline Kwan and Anne Rosenblatt

Consensus Building Institute (CBI) – September
– CAG Process Review: Pat Field

CAG Technical Committee – September
– CAG letter to EPA on the BERA: Willis Elkins

CAG Technical Committee – November
Newtown Creek Nov CAG Presentation BERA Summary: Chuck Nace (EPA)

New York City Economic Development Corporation – April
– Impacts of New York City’s Waterways: Ryan White

New York City Department of Environmental Protection – July
– Newtown Creek Combined Sewer Overflow Long Term Control Plan Update: Mikelle Adgate and Keith Mahoney
Riverkeeper and Perkins + Will – July
– Newtown Creek Community Vision Plan: Chrissy Remein, Sean Dixon, Mike Aziz

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 2 – October
Newtown Creek Remedial Investigation Draft Report Update: Caroline Kwan and Mark Schmidt

EPA Presentation – March
Point Sources: Caroline Kwan
– Point Sources Categories
NYS DOH Presentation – May
Health Outcomes Review: James Bowers
Anchor, QEA Presentation – July
Newtown Creek Remedial Investigation Update
EPA Presentation – October
Newtown Creek Superfund Site: Walter Mugdan

EPA Presentations – December
– Site Background Data
– Risk Assessment Data

NYC DEP Presentations – February
City’s Role in Newtown Creek Superfund Site Study: Eileen Mahoney
NYC Green Infrastructure Program, Newtown Creek: Margot Walker
NYC CSO Flow Monitoring Project, Newtown Creek: Anthony Maracic
Restoration Ecology, Newtown Creek: John McLaughlin
NYS DOH Presentations – May
Newtown Creek Public Health Assessment: Christopher Doroski
Healthy Choices About Eating Fish You Catch: Regina Keenan
EPA Update – October
– Phase I results and Phase II sampling plan
Video by Mitch Waxman
– Newtown Creek Boat Tour

NYC DEP Presentation – March
Dredging in Whale Creek
EPA Handout – March
RI/FS informational handout
EPA Presentation – May
Human Health Risk Assessment
– Ecological Risk Assessment for Superfund
EPA Presentation – November
– Overview of Phase I Investigation

EPA Presentation – May
A Superfund Discussion
NYS DOH Presentation – July
Health Outcomes Review

EPA Presentation – June
Herrick Presentation – October
– New York City Superfund Sites: What Businesses Can Do To Mitigate Impacts
EPA Presentation – October
– Sampling of Newtown Creek