Agenda for Monday Feb. 13 Meeting

Reminder: The Newtown Creek CAG meeting on February 13 will be held from 6:00-8:00 PM at The Anoroc Democratic Club Building, 45-23 47th Street, Sunnyside, NY 11377.


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Brief explanation of the CAG, its purpose, and membership expectations
  3. Discussion of draft operating procedures (to be ratified during March CAG meeting)
  4. Explanation/introduction of self-nominated steering committee and steering committee nominated co-chairs (to be ratified during March CAG meeting)
  5. Discussion of CAG outreach, in order to ensure that the CAG is representative of the entire community
  6. Discussion of the CAG’s concerns and information needs

A bit of context for this proposed agenda:

Agenda items #1 through #5 will likely take the first 30 minutes of the meeting. The bulk of the meeting will be focused on #6, Discussion of the CAG’s concerns and information needs.

The Newtown Creek CAG presents an opportunity for the community to make sure its voice is heard and that its concerns about the Newtown Creek cleanup are addressed. In order to be successful, the CAG must be well informed about the contamination and the cleanup. The primary discussion of the CAG meeting should be focused on prioritizing the CAG’s current concerns and information needs. What concerns does the community currently have and what can EPA do to help address those concerns? What does the CAG need to know about the cleanup process and the current state of contamination? The CAG’s concerns and needs may include basic process issues and timelines, and/or a more in-depth understanding of current technical information and unresolved concerns (public health studies, liability concerns). The Key Interview Findings document (posted in the Resources section of the website) may help to generate ideas. Please come to the meeting on Monday, February 13, with questions and concerns. The CAG will prepare a list for EPA, and EPA staff will attend a subsequent meeting in order to present information and answer the CAG’s questions.

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