At the Monday, May 21 Newtown Creek CAG meeting…

Here is the agenda for the upcoming Newtown Creek CAG meeting.

  1. Welcome and introductions (Kate Zidar and Ryan Kuonen)
  2. Ratification of three items (Mike Hancox):
    1. Proposed Steering Committee members
    2. Proposed Co-Chairs
    3. Draft Operating Procedures (posted here)
  3. US EPA presentation (US EPA)
  4. Opportunity for questions and answers (Facilitated by Mike Hancox)

See you Monday!

Date/time and location reminder:
When: Monday, May 21, 6:00-8:00 PM
Where: Dupont Street Senior Housing community room, 80 Dupont Street, Brooklyn NY 11222. **Please note: enter through the Eagle Street entrance, which is set back from the street front between 101 and 113 Eagle Street. Walk through the parking lot and past the community garden toward the building — it is the tallest building on the block!

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