More information from US EPA

EPA will continue to provide updates and information through the CAG website. If you have questions or concerns, please contact EPA’s Community Liaison at 1-888-283-7626.

November 6, 2012: Announcements and Information

EPA is concentrating on impacts from Superfund sites. EPA will be sampling residences on Newtown Creek that have been brought to the Agency’s attention as well as the homeless shelter near Newtown Creek.

CAG members and followers may be interested in this press release, issued by New York City Environmental Justice Alliance and also posted for reference on the CAG website’s Hurricane Sandy page.

The photos below are examples of the severity of the flooding:

photo credit: Kate Zidar
photo credit: Kate Zidar



2 thoughts on “More information from US EPA

  1. My studio space is right next door to the homeless shelter on Mcguiness Blvd and we had 3 feet of water. How can I be sure it is safe to work there?

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