An update from New York State Department of Health

An update from New York State Department of Health:
The New York State Department of Health and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry have announced the release of their final Newtown Creek Public Health Assessment. A public health assessment is required for every site in New York on the US Environmental Protection Agency National Priority List, also known as the federal Superfund list. In a Public Health Assessment, the health agencies review information about hazardous substances at a site and evaluate whether exposure to those substances might cause harm to human health. A draft of this document was released for public review and comment in February 2012. This final version contains the public comments received and the responses from the health agencies. The public health assessment can be found at Or, to obtain copies of any of these documents, either email the Department of Health at or call them at 518-402-7860.

Note to CAG members and followers:
The next Newtown Creek CAG meeting will include a presentation from New York State Department of Health, regarding the update above and other information relevant to Newtown Creek. More details and logistics to come — the meeting is anticipated to take place in late April or early May in Queens.

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