Recent happenings and what’s next…

Hello Newtown Creek CAG!
Thanks to everyone who came out to the winter CAG meeting to share your vision for Newtown Creek. The CAG Steering Committee is working with the discussion findings and those of you who volunteered for the Visioning Committee will soon be put to work!  In the meantime, stay tuned for announcements about a spring CAG meeting, likely sometime in May or June.
Fond Farewell…
At the CAG meeting in February, we gave a fond farewell to Phillip Musegaas, whose role as Program Director for Hudson Riverkeeper kept him closely connected to the Newtown Creek CAG. He has changed rivers and is now with Potomac Riverkeeper as Legal Director. Many thanks to Phillip for his hard work over the years — we wish him luck on the Potomac!
More Info About Sampling on the Creek…
After the last CAG meeting in fall 2014 on US EPA’s Phase II sampling plan, many people had questions. The CAG steering committee sent a letter summarizing their questions and concerns to EPA in December 2014. The letter is posted on the CAG website here. EPA responded in February 2015; that response is posted on the CAG website here. All such correspondence is housed on the website on the Resources page.

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