NEW doc posting: EPA Responses – CAG RI Comments

Click here to view the EPA responses to CAG comments on the Remedial Investigation (RI) report.

Along with the written responses, EPA included this message:

EPA would like to reiterate it’s appreciation of your diligent and thoughtful review. In order to respond to each aspect of the CAG comments we grouped comments into sub-comments to prepare responses. Going through your comments we found that there were several categories of feedback that we had, these include: comments that were focused on concerns that might be more appropriate for the later stages of the remedial process (Feasibility Study, Remedial Design, etc.), comments we felt were addressed as part of December 2020 EPA comments on the RI Report transmitted to NCG, comments that we did not technically agree with and comments that we agreed with. In our responses we provide technical, as well as process related feedback. We look forward to further discussion on both these comments as well as upcoming technical topics as we move forward in the RIFS process. 

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