Join the CAG

So, you want to be a CAG Member? The CAG welcomes new members interested in Newtown Creek, its cleanup, and future. To apply, please complete the brief application below. The CAG Executive Committee will review it within 30 days and get back to you.

The requirements for membership include the following:

  • Be a resident of Brooklyn or Queens; OR
  • Belong to a community organization who focuses on the areas around Newtown Creek; OR
  • Belong to an organization that advocates for the environment, natural resources, community; OR
  • Own or represent a business on or near the Creek.
  • Not a representative of a Potentially Responsible Party (PRP).
  • Not an elected representative or employee of an elected representative.


  • Attend meetings regularly (we meet once a month)
  • Follow the basic ground rules of respect and civility
  • Participate actively by asking questions and advocating for your interests!

In the meantime, please attend any CAG meeting you want – they are open to the public. To stay up to date and join the mailing list, click “Follow the CAG” on the right side of this page. For more information, please explore our website and visit the Announcements page for updates on our next meeting.

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