NYC DEP Green Infrastructure Grant Program – application now open

The Green Infrastructure Grant Program application is now open on the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP) website. According to NYC DEP, Newtown Creek is a high priority area and applications are welcome.

See the press clips below for more information.
To access the application, follow the instructions HERE.


DNA Info

NEW YORK CITY — Folks in areas along Gowanus Canal, Newtown Creek and Jamaica Bay could be seeing green for going green.The New York City Department of Environmental Protection is encouraging community groups, non-profits and property owners to apply for $6 million in new funding for environmentally friendly projects that will help absorb rainwater to prevent sewer overflows into waterways.Funding will be provided to projects that will reduce or manage a minimum of one inch of storm water on selected properties. Preference will be given to projects in priority watersheds, areas of land that drain into a common waterway. According to the DEP, areas in most need of cleanup include Newtown Creek, Gowanus Canal, Flushing Bay and Jamaica Bay.”The main issue here is that a lot of New York City has combined sewers,” said DEP spokesman Ted Timbers. “All the waste water from your home, the toilets, the bathtubs… it all goes down the drain into the sewer system.”



Epoch Times

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) launched its Green Infrastructure Grant Program of $6 million for green focused initiatives in the city. This is the fourth year that the city is offering community groups, non-profits, and property owners a chance to realize their green initiatives. For the first time DEP will accept applications in the spring and fall. Applicants will also have the opportunity to review conceptual ideas with DEP engineers prior to submitting their application. “Investing in green infrastructure is a cost-effective way to improve the health of New York City’s local waterways, but it also brings multiple benefits to local communities including a greener landscape, cleaner air, and increased shade and cooler temperatures during the summer,” said DEP Deputy Commissioner for Sustainability Angela Licata, in a release. The Green Infrastructure Grant Program supports DEP’s city-wide effort to soften the impervious urban landscape and help absorb rainwater that would otherwise drain into the sewer system and contribute to combined sewer overflows into local waterways. The DEP will give preference to applicants who submit projects that engage local communities in environmental awareness with education and green job training. More information and the application can be found on the DEP website.



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